A lot of controversies have ensued over the years and debates conducted to decide if sex is indeed the proof of love. However, a lot of people mainly men vote in favour and consider sex to be in fact the ultimate proof of love. In their own opinion, the best way to serve love and affection is on the tray of sexual intimacy (because sexual intimacy to them the deepest form of intimacy), if you belong to these set of men you should check out these beautiful ladies at Sex Resort Colombia and Tyson’s corner Escorts . In their own scripture, it is written and believed that any woman or man, not willing to share his/her body doesn’t love you enough to prove it. Since every question demands a proven answer, the issue of love should require no less of a response verified by one means, SEX. Why hold anything back when love gives it all? Well, that a question those voting contrary, battle to answer and try to re-phrase. They believe sex is not the ultimate proof of love and tend to ask in response; since love is unselfish, why base it only on what one can offer? Since love is unconditional, why makeup conditions for validation?  In their contrary opinion, love should not be the excuse for sex. If you want sex, then take it, but if you wish to love then love without expecting compensation. Regardless the views, it is indeed true that some have exploited sex to get love and others used love to get sex. Either way, the end does not justify the means, and since real love comes from the heart, it is therefore proven in the heart. Sex is indeed a show of affection; however, it is an act that may occur independent of our hearts (without love). In my own opinion, sex is not necessarily the proof of love; sometimes it is simply the intimate fun of love. See more at Chicago Escorts